Taper Taps



Mills stocks a variety of casehardened, heat-treated taper taps with standard tool joints to meet your specific requirement. Heat-treating toughens the taper tap making it difficult to damage and easier for you to use. When it takes a special sub to match your tool joint with the taper tap we have in inventory, we can make that sub immediately. We stock several different sizes with standard connections. We also manufacture to your special requirements with options of breakout flats, right-hand or left-hand wickers, any thread, special length, oversize guides, mill guide or wall hooks. Also carried in stock are Internal Auger Fishing Tools (A taper tap with left-hand wicker for retrieving hollow stem augers). Due to the variety of auger tool joints, we stock the heat-treated tap without tool joints and add the tool joint when your order is received. The carbonized threads on taper taps are extremely hard and brittle. Be extra careful to avoid impact. In use slowly lower the tool down the hole until the fish is engaged. Then slowly rotate the tool while applying some down pressure. Mark the drill rod to tell how far into the fish you have penetrated. Taper taps can be reworked by annealing, re-threading the tap and then heat treating the re-threaded area. We will quote you pricing as necessary.

For custom spec Taper Taps please fill out and submit our Taper Tap Application Questionnaire